Handy one-liners

Generate missing permalinks for flatfiled wordpress

ls 201*/*/*/*/index.html| while read line;

do indexname=`grep  ‘rel=”bookmark”‘ $line| sed ‘s/<h2><a href=”..\/..\/..\/..\///g’|sed ‘s/” rel=”bookmark” title=”.*//’| sed ‘s/%3Fp/\?/’`; echo “<html><head><title>Redirect</title><META http-equiv=\”refresh\” content=\”0;$line\”></head><body>Redirect to <a href=\”$line\”>$indexname</a></body></html>” > $indexname ;



Fix links in flatfiled doc on ancient pre-smart sed Unix.

grep -l html * | grep -v .html | while read line;do  echo $line; cat $line| perl -pe 's/a href=\"\/repositories\/digirep\/index\/(.[^ ]*)"/a href=\"\/repositories\/digirep\/index\/$1.html"/'> $line.html;  done

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