Monthly Archives: June 2009

Dublin Core Firefox Extension Internationalisation

One way to demonstrate possible uses for IEMSR – practical use and integration into various systems.  What about a Firefox extension?

No – we didn’t make a whole Firefox extension, but we did modify one, the Dublin Core Viewer, to internationalise its display language.  Actually, this had already been done, but like the original the new one used hard coded values and text… now, we have plugged it into the IEMSR server so that it is updated in sync with the information that it displays.

The result can be found on the IEMSR Subversion repository.

JCDL 2009

It’s been a good event; we’ve introduced a prototype for our new metadata consistency improvement system – FixRep. We’ve also talked to a lot of people and identified several opportunities for collaboration.

Additionally, we took the time to visit what may well be Austin’s most famous population-


Last week we also attended ElPub’s Social Tagging workshop, in which we introduced the ideas and theory behind

IEMSR will be a truly international DC tool

The client tool for Metadata Schema Registry (IEMSR) is “learning” new languages. Apart from English it is going to have interfaces in German, French, Portuguese and other languages. One step closer to enabling DCAPs to be built in an internationally accessible environment…